Response to the Tuesday prompt at GoDogGo Cafe

Today’s prompt: Write a piece of prose around the question: “How do we stay focused when the world around us is falling apart?”

Art is cathartic. Art heals and fills all our crevices brimming with loneliness and despair with hope and creativity. Art is not only our companion when the streets are brimming with giggles and laughter but also when the lanes are deserted. Art also takes the form of the lonely sonatas oozing from the Italian balconies. A congruous thought. A staccato of hope and acceptance lacing the deserted lanes. When the world is falling around us, Art not only glues our broken pulverized pieces but also cups the cold palms of our dear ones. Solitude can be taken as a blessing and a curse equally. Shakespeare penning King Lear in the bleakest moment of his life had a purpose. Art heals, Art soothes.

–Megha Sood


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