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A beaming smile that can put
the sun to shame
a laugh that can make the
lilies bloom
any day
and the sweetness which
bees borrow to sweeten
their honey
such is the warmth
you feel my love,
when you are near him

He will take you by surprise with
all his witty talks
and he will corner you with his charm
and there is no place
left to hide
no place to run

He will grow on you
slowly and surely
like the endless beauty of a poem
like the intoxication of a vintage wine
you are always too late to realize that
your heart has turned into a shrine

He is a mirage an illusion
a shiny trinket
I would like to have
a thing too precious to bear
a thing too far too near

Oh! How fervently
I would love
to be his muse
living this life in a denial

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Poetry published in the Leaves of Ink-“Epitaph”

a year-long anniversary of getting published in Leaves of Ink.

Megha's World

So happy to see my poem “Epitaph” finding a home in the poetry journal Leaves of Ink.So thankful to the editor Earl Wynn to accept my poem for publication.

Leaves of Ink provides an ethical, high-quality publication outlet for poetry that would otherwise go unheard. They publish a poem every day, so go ahead and submit your work.

Do read my poem here and leave your precious comments.

Happy blogging!

Megha Sood

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Turn the page

Megha's World

First Published in the Indian Periodical


My thoughts are simmering
As the slivers of the light fall from the clouds
Like the blessings of the divine showered from above
Oh! we sinners,
As we pay for our penance
climbing those silver stairs
on our knees
Will we get out of the vortex of hell?
spinning around our waists
swirling and getting tightened
at every turn
Will you confess your sins?
As our feet slip into the quicksand
the clouds part
and those slivers of light
as the mere path to your salvation
falls on you
and you wait for the seraphic soul to take you far far away
Oh! the wishes
Oh my wonderous desires
which keeps me on my feet every day.
So tell me, God, when are you taking me off the spotlight
When are you turning the page?


Photo by William Farlow on Unsplash

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Finalist in the Adelaide Literary Award 2019- Best Poem Category

I'm so thrilled to share with news that I have been selected as a finalist in the Adelaide Literary Award 2019 under the category of the Best Poem alongside other finalists. I'm really grateful to the EIC Stevan Nikolic for considering my work for such an esteemed award. I'm so honored to be sharing space … Continue reading Finalist in the Adelaide Literary Award 2019- Best Poem Category

One of these days

Megha's World


One of these days

it will all come falling down in pieces

in shreds, bits and pieces

like the flakes of the scab

your stained teeth are picking at.

I can smell the lies on your breath.

your truth  break down in million pieces

your pulverized existence

your banal lies

burns and gets dissolved

like the smoke on the ashtray

your pretty lies conjure up the

pictures of the ghouls

lingering in my hallway

truth comes breaking down

like the shards of the broken mirror

coming down in shreds

one of these days

your broken smirks

will no longer be the facade

of the dilapidated heart

you are savoring in your

brittle ribs

One day your welts and

blisters on your suppurating skin

will give way to the pain and it will burst out

like the broken yolk of the yellow sun

drenching you in the blinding truth

one day the truth will be as…

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Response to the Tuesday Writing Prompt at GoDogGO cafe

Here is a micro poem as a response to the prompt " Scarlet rosebud" at GoDogGo Cafe You ( Micro poetry) "My lips curious to taste, my eyes focused, my fingertips on fire, your lips as scarlet rosebuds an epitome of passion: my crimson desires your heaving bosom the epitome of the dawn: I long … Continue reading Response to the Tuesday Writing Prompt at GoDogGO cafe

Poetry published in the Fevers of the Mind Poetry Digest Issue 3: The Darkness and the light

I'm sharing few pictures from Issue 3 of the Poetry Digest published by EIC David O' Nan of Fevers of the Mind Poetry Journal. This issue is very special as it not only features the poetry based on the mental health issues to raise awareness but also features beautiful pictures taken by Hillesa O'Nan. This … Continue reading Poetry published in the Fevers of the Mind Poetry Digest Issue 3: The Darkness and the light


Megha's World

First Published in Poppy Road Review, September 2018

nathan-dumlao-583574-unsplashWith my shackled mind and encumbered thoughts

as my feet rise up the

steps of the old mighty temple

desolate yet imbued

with the fullness of life

my body disguised as a prayer

and my palms folded

as the dissatisfaction is

neatly tucked in the center of my palms

I count the steps

in sync with my raging heartbeats and bated breath

I walk by the neat line of the beggars and less fortunate ones

the lingering shine of the quest in their eyes

aren’t different from mine

carrying the burden of the life on their stooped shoulder

and heavy eyelids, they are praying too

under their muted breath

but to a god of a different origin

which will satiate the hunger

in their knotted belly

their hunger is not so different from mine

I say this to myself

as I…

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Poetry accepted in the Arcs Prose Anthology 2020

I'm so thrilled and excited to share this news that my two prose poems "Trapped" and "The beginning of an end" have been accepted to be published in the upcoming Arcs Prose Poem antholgy curated by the awards winning poet Anwer Ghani Jaber.He is the EIC of the Prose Magazine Arcs Prose Poetry. Anwer Ghani … Continue reading Poetry accepted in the Arcs Prose Anthology 2020

Prose poem selected as the Poem of the week and nominated for the Ars Poetry Award 2020

I'm squealing with joy to see my prose poem "Trapped" being selected as the Poem of the week in the Arcs Poetry Group founded and moderated by Anwer Ghani Jaber, an award-winning Iraqi poet, physician, and a religious scholar. Along with these numerous awards and publications, he recently won the Yasser Arafat Peace Poetry Prize … Continue reading Prose poem selected as the Poem of the week and nominated for the Ars Poetry Award 2020

Charred Heart

Megha's World


There is a storm brewing under my skin

pulling  and  trying to rip my skin apart

trying to shred into small bits and pieces

I can feel the insect crawl on the nape of my skin

I can feel that twitchy feeling

those tiny paralyzing shocks

delivered in a

blink of an eye

when I twitch and


and all my hairs on my back rise a

all at once

as they bear witness

to the atrocity my pain

delivers to my body

the frenzied state I’m left in

with my knotted stomach

legs trembling in fear

as I sit knock-kneed getting the

a first-hand witness of the

undesirable pain

my body wreaks on my soul

a thousand shocks

traveling through the neurons

those garbled paths

with the broken message

my brain fervently trying to decipher

and fails

ever and ever again

Maybe if you sit close

you ears held to my chest

you can hear

those short…

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