Treacherous dune

Megha's World

First Published in the Mojave Heart Review

fabian-struwe-203029-unsplash.jpgMemories slip on the silent back of the dunes

those shape-shifting sands

are treacherous you see

as they promise you an eternity

till the next whiff of the fleeting wind

that catches their attention

and dancing and glimmering in the

hot sweltering heat of the sun

they morph,

and mold to please

the voluptuous calls of the breeze

echoes of the silence,

bouncing back for eons

hopes for the company

the scorched backs of the dunes

are then soothed by the shifty-eyed moon

which bathes them with their

silvery moonlight

secretly wishing to rest in the

warm bosom of these dunes

but come morning

it gives in to the aubade of the

the warm clasp of the wind and

there it goes

following the wind

in a wink.


Photo by Fabian Struwe on Unsplash

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