One of these days

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One of these days

it will all come falling down in pieces

in shreds, bits and pieces

like the flakes of the scab

your stained teeth are picking at.

I can smell the lies on your breath.

your truth  break down in million pieces

your pulverized existence

your banal lies

burns and gets dissolved

like the smoke on the ashtray

your pretty lies conjure up the

pictures of the ghouls

lingering in my hallway

truth comes breaking down

like the shards of the broken mirror

coming down in shreds

one of these days

your broken smirks

will no longer be the facade

of the dilapidated heart

you are savoring in your

brittle ribs

One day your welts and

blisters on your suppurating skin

will give way to the pain and it will burst out

like the broken yolk of the yellow sun

drenching you in the blinding truth

one day the truth will be as…

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