Megha's World

First Published in Poppy Road Review, September 2018

nathan-dumlao-583574-unsplashWith my shackled mind and encumbered thoughts

as my feet rise up the

steps of the old mighty temple

desolate yet imbued

with the fullness of life

my body disguised as a prayer

and my palms folded

as the dissatisfaction is

neatly tucked in the center of my palms

I count the steps

in sync with my raging heartbeats and bated breath

I walk by the neat line of the beggars and less fortunate ones

the lingering shine of the quest in their eyes

aren’t different from mine

carrying the burden of the life on their stooped shoulder

and heavy eyelids, they are praying too

under their muted breath

but to a god of a different origin

which will satiate the hunger

in their knotted belly

their hunger is not so different from mine

I say this to myself

as I…

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