Forbidden fruit

First Published in the Leaves of Ink


The alabaster moon is lying too low

in the belly

of the warm skies

too far and too near

like the forbidden fruit

ready to be picked

so fleshy,

so juicy

for the warm clutches of the

needy earth

waiting to be imbued by the

milky moonlight

washing the turbid emotions

festering in the blue veins of the earth

How shallow?

How deep?

Does the wound know?

Nobody knows

Not even the flies feasting on them

all they care about is the food

they are feasting on

The monsters in my belly are growling

of the pain and the hunger

hunger for the truth

I have been hiding for years so

I’m hunted by the truth seekers

the seers,

as they know the apocalypse is nearing

the day of the destruction

is nearing

and my soul seeks

the balance between the cacophony and the


on a beautiful moonlit night

in the heart of the sky

when the alabaster moon

hangs low

really low

Photo by Drew Tilk on Unsplash

–Megha Sood






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