Proud to be part of the collaborative project by Kristi Weber: This Assembly


I’m so thrilled and proud to be part of the collaborative project by the talented and amazing Kristi Weber. This book project was the result of the 160 words and other features donated by 165 people, which was eventually used to create 21 poems. The result was an amazing book project called ” This assembly”. Even the cover image designed by the talented cover artist Greg Lawhen was the result of an online poll conducted for the color palette.

You can read the whole project in the pdf form here

or can listen to the audiobook on the SoundCloud.

I donated the word ” Transgression” which was eventually used in the prose poem “What Settle meant”.

W H A T  S E T T L E  M E A N T

I want to go home, but I am at home.
My immediate empty stomach
fills with hiraeth; the place where we
played whole-family hide and seek;
where someone shot my yellow ball,
and I loved my little room with Peanuts
wallpaper. Gone. The water
tower’s shadow now cools the empty
lot. I once found a diamond on the staircase,
a piece of glass or a chip of crystal. That sliver
gave me déjà vu that felt like 5 years old
at 32, the actual distance felt right
beside or inside of me. So close
then to my family. We hovered
over this city in sweeping murmuration
or ridiculous malarkey.
We followed each other into the best
and worst choices well before I was old
enough to think further ahead of myself.
I enjoyed sleeping in a sheeted fort
between gnarled trees and remember
a dead cat’s burial ground and never going
in the basement. Every word they said
back then now sounds like gibberish but I am
delighted and was loved. The transcendent,
resplendent scenarios of before or hindsight
were sometimes revealed to be wholly
pure transgression. Today I count the numbers
of them gone and I know which one tricked
and bribed and flashed the psychopomp
before they reached the end.

by K weber


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