I’m so thankful and blessed to have friends, readers, and editors in my life whose constant encouragement and support have helped me in reaching the following goals in 2019.


1. Poetry Anthology “We will not be silenced” by Indie Blue Network featured in top 100 poetry anthologies to be read in 2019 by Ariana Huffington of Huffington Post


2. Third position State-level winner in NAMI NJ ( National Alliance of Mental Illness)

3.National Level finalist in Poetry Matters 2019

4. Poetry selected for “Of Myths and Monsters ” event by Jersey City Writers

5. Poetry selected for “Overcoming disabilities” events by Jersey City writers and Arts House Festival

6. Meeting Jerico Brown and Ilya Kaminsky for their book readings.

7. Anthology “RECLAIM” curated by Elizabeth Ruth Deyro showcased at Poets House Manhatten.

8. Reaching the 300th online publication and 28 print publications.

9. Featured n Best Emerging Poets in New Jersey by Z Publishing

10. Poetry blog featured in Top 100 blog to be followed by Feedspot.
11. Met so many talented writers through my writing and got the opportunity to learn from them.
–Megha Sood
Photo by Kiy Turk on Unsplash

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