Megha's World

First published in The Quiet Letter, July 2018

has no concept
No definition
My poems have been devoid of emotions
utterly stripped of verses and syllables
with words stripped of its frame
and body
nothing seems to hold on
and stay glued to it
the body is bare
ready to mocked and scraped
and devoured by the
unscrupulous mind
with their turbid thoughts
As the night is patched by the
one eye of the
dark and sullen moon
I stare in the nights
my eyes are devoid of the light
gazing from the emptiness to nothing
they have lost the definition of hope
like the feeling of satiation
in the sunken folds of stomach
Of a hungry child
Like the palms of my granny
whose lines have been scraped clean
by the merciless
whiplash of time
I stand here with the
barren mind
devoid of thoughts
searching fervently

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24 thoughts on “Nakedness

  1. Well ..Beauty lying between the lines composed so carefully.
    I see the dilemma in the eyes of hungry child…
    I feel the chill… the bare body senses when the thought shifted from nakedness to satiation…
    Marvelous!! 💖

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Beautifully written are thou words, which seem to flow freely, as a stream. There is so many stories in this one.
    Yet the exposure nakedness does not free me totally.
    Somethings missing…
    There are times, I going through the motions.
    The secret boxes locked in my heart, I don’t want to face
    Free Me…
    Megha you are a brilliant writer, a beautiful soul.

    Liked by 1 person

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