First published in the Writer’s Cafe Magazine ,Issue 10, 2018


I paint you with my metallic tears

dripping from

my obsidian heart

as I draw and sketch

and darken the areas

ripping me apart

I trickle my pain

dipped in the

copious amount of my nightmare

that darken your kohl-lined eyes

with the pain my heart bears

As I slowly and gradually

draw those fine lines

those wrinkles

time has left behind,

I slowly feel the numbness

cloaked in the dark veil

that you are hiding behind

As I ‘m coating

you with my glowing love

and drenching you

with the warmth of my soul,

my fingers etch the poem hidden

in your curves

weaving a story untold

As my wrist turns and twists

counting the beauty

of your million freckles

nimbly hiding those occasional

guffaws and giggle,

I replenish my brush

with your love

as I draw your heart,

locking the glow

of the thousand summer suns

born eons apart

Giving broad strokes to your

stomach and surrendering

my love in your naval,

I neatly fold and wrap my love

with the fragrance of thousand lilies

and gently place in the

your cleavage,

quietly hidden

As I finish giving touches to

your fingertips


carrying the warmth

of the entangled palms,

I finish your eyes

laced with

the dreams of future

where we will be

together as ONE.


Photo by Alp Allen Altiner on Unsplash

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