Megha's World

First Published in the Fourth and Sycamore

elisabetta-foco-241-unsplash (1).jpgHow do you measure the

incongruence in your life?

a life askew and

unstable and mounted

in a haphazard manner

like the pile of the unopened letters by your door

your failed ambition,

piling inside your aberrant mind

you did try to sort it

but failed,


You dreams are untethered and

hanging by the threads of

flailing reality

you did learn the sailor knot

Didn’t you?

But you never have mustered the courage to

brave the raging storms in her life

your house is pristine

and windows are clear enough

to let the silence

seep through the broken frames

You feel the sliver of the

forgotten sunshine which will warm

those obsidian corners your heart

left to be rotten

like the milk from

yesterday night left on the kitchen top

now no longer usable

those silken drapes are flirting with the winds

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