First Published in the Praxis Magazine


That frail evening marking

the shadows of the long summer days

a bird perched on the barbed wires of the prison

demarcating the happiness and the grief

acceptance and rejection

solitude and the wails of the laughter

the prisoner and the free


the arresting height of that boisterous wall

whose bricks are soaked

with the crackling wails and sobs

of the broken souls

neatly carved and plastered


a bizarre tinge of the ochre

peeling off from the walls

as the broken promises

as the tears flow incessantly

through the bleary eyes as

they gaze from emptiness to nothing

silence culled in hollow bones

rattling with rage


holding out the palms

for someone, something

for forgiveness

a fleeting touch of humanity

a soft supple touch of love


a day wrapped around

the promises of a second chances

silhouette of the loved ones

appearing between the thick bars

a pleasant sight for the cracked and pale eyes

death and silence is interchangeable


Go, ask the bird

as she sits at the barbed fence

keeping the two realms separate

a socially justifiable demarcation

between the cacophony and the melody

the symmetry and the dissonance

between the pristine and the ostracised


how thin is the separation between

the love and the acceptance,

despair and the second chances,

between the judged and the forgiven.

–Megha Sood







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