Curiosity kills the cat

In response to the Visual Prompt


The purple and orange lights  

spilling from the empty walls of these rooms

a dry yellow sepia tinge covering the loneliness 

creeping behind those walls 

Silence is deception–

a necessary camouflage

an unending and meaningless soliloquy 

going relentlessly in your tired mind

when the stillness in your thoughts are broken down 

by the family celebrating 

a floor below


sometimes winds carry the stench 

you have been avoiding all-day


with an empty glance on the ceiling of your apartment

you lay on an empty cold bed

your mind, a bowlful of questions

simmering thoughts–

which never lets you sleep,

your doctors call its insomnia 

you call it the bouts of excitement and creativity

the color changes 

and the day rolls,

the seasons’ change

but the constant clamor 

the buzzing;

the unending whispers,

never die down

those untrammeled thoughts in your mind

have taken refuge 

and you refuse to mingle 

with the bright lights 

the exhilaration and the excitement 

builds up 

you don’t want to peek to know

What is happening on the floor below?

Image by 

–Megha Sood


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