Poetry published in the anthology “Lift every voice” by Kissing Dynamite Poetry Press


So thrilled to be featured in the first-ever anthology curated by Christine Taylor of the Kissing Dynamite poetry journal.

My poem “Bless us lord for the sin-free life we are living”  has been featured amongst the works of 27 other contemporary writers.

A collection of poetry by twenty-eight contemporary writers, Lift Every Voice pays homage to the Black National Anthem penned by James Weldon Johnson in 1900 as a celebration of the perseverance and grit necessary to liberate our voices.

You can order your copy here

Featuring work by the following writers:

Aremu Adams Adebisi • Adedayo Agarau • Anthony AW • Jai Hamid Bashir • Melanie Bell • Meagan Cahuasqui • Jason B. Crawford • Kym Cunningham • Alexandre Ferrere • Helga Floros • Scott Manley Hadley • Faleeha Hassan • Juleigh Howard-Hobson • Naya Jackson • Keana Águila Labra • Bobbi Lurie • Jeremy Mifsud • Anna Press • Dani Putney • Julia Edith Rios • Aleah Sato • Cecilia Savala • Tamara Sellman • Megha Sood • Lazarus Trubman • Faye Turner-Johnson • Julie Weiss • Salam Wosu

Happy blogging!!

Megha Sood



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