A stranger amongst us
An encroachment in the middle
you are snatching
away our sanctity
posing a danger to us
standing tall in the middle,
an imminent threat,
a mess to deal with,
we have build
tall picket fences around us
To keep us safely in
A rising nuisance in the
residential Spaces
We brought down
big and mighty woods
To weave our big mansion
To rest our tiny hearts in
in the comforts of the worldly sin
We should have just got you killed
So we can sleep comfortably
in our cozy warm bed
nestled in the comforts of our big house
on the piece of land
we heartlessly and mercilessly
snatched and grasped
to call our own.


40 thoughts on “Stranger

  1. Brilliantly written. I love the discomfort felt in this piece and that it could be an analogy for anyone who feels threatened. Your writing really sticks to the bones. Bravo!

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    1. Thanks so much for understanding the underlying emotion.I wrote it in the context of the encroachment in the forest which is slowly distroying the habitat of animals but as you said it can be an analogy to anyone who is threatened

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      1. Welcome. I love how this visit inspired you he piece. We often forget that so many creatures are displaced when we remove their habitats so we can inhabit them.

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      2. That is terrible. I know what you mean. Unfortunately, in some areas, it is the cost of development.

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    1. Oh have added another dimension to my poetry with your beautiful review.
      Thanks Shantanu.I wrote as a fact of increased encroachment in the suburban areas which leads to the distruction of their nature habitat.

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  2. Power, I resonate with this deeply. Especially having to fight manipulation every single day. It is only natural for us to fight the tide if our space or freedom is threatened. I love it.

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  3. Sadly profoundly true and I felt the visual honesty of your words…..
    “We should have just got you killed
    So we can sleep comfortably”
    …….. and I’m afraid these lines can also pertain to some of our indigenous people, who have suffered horrific genocide, in name of “progress’s” better ways… !!!!

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    1. Yes, very true.I am horrified to know the details of how they have been mistreated in this country and still are.
      In one of my trips I took a trip to an Indian nation in Utah , Bannock tribe. I wrote a poem about the atrocities they faced and it got published and got showcased in Manhattan.


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