Poetry published in the America Emerging Poets Series New Jersey Edition by Z Publishing


I’m thrilled to see my poetry published in the America Best Emerging Poets Series -New Jersey by Z Publishing. The book not only features my poem but also opens with a quote from my poem.

Thoughts, Reflections, and
Streams of Consciousness

What do you do with the wound
that is healed?
Do you count along the scars
as the soul heals and repairs,
or do you scrape it again?
Not to forget the lesson it reveals.
– Megha Sood

Begun as a blog in the fall of 2015, Z Publishing, LLC, soon transitioned into book publishing. This transition came in response to the major problem currently plaguing the publishing world: For writers, finding new readers can be tremendously difficult, and for readers, finding new talented authors with whom they identify is like searching for a needle in a haystack. With Z Publishing, no longer will anyone have to go about this process alone. By producing anthologies of multiple authors rather than single-author volumes, Z Publishing hopes to foster a community of readers and writers, bringing all sides of the industry closer together.

You can buy your copy here.

Happy blogging!


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