Feeble attempt

Megha's World

First published in Visual Verse Vol 5 Chapter 10

VV-Aug_Jon-Tyson.jpgYour mind,

a congruence of aberrant thoughts

a serendipitous convergence,

you try so fervently

to carve your own niche

your own identity

in this cesspool of clones

floating for eons

from here to nothing

Your face,

a stark reflection of the

blatant reality

where everyone is trying to be unique

like the blueprint

or the map carved out by the

swirls of their

thumbs pressed on paper

you believe yours is unique

Don’t you?

Your voice

trying to break the cacophony

in that tumultuous mind of yours

a silhouette of silence,

to serrate both ends of the darkness

to carve you

out of your banal lies

when you are stitched

from the same fabric

the same suit and tie

You still try.

Don’t you?


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