Now Accepting Submissions for Guest Barista Saturdays

Guest Baristas Saturday- a unique opportunity to get your work featured and be read by 4000 followers of the GoDogGo cafe community.

Go Dog Go Café


One of our missions at the Go Dog Café is to create an inviting and engaged community. In order to achieve that mission, we are introducing new features that allow us to get to know each other, and our writing, better. One of these new features is Guest Barista Saturday.

Starting Saturday, August 3rd we will be choosing 1 or 2 Guest Baristas to highlight every Saturday.  We will publish several pieces of the Guest Baristas pieces of writing and let them tell you more about themselves.  We ask you to give our Guest Baristas a warm welcome.

We hope all of you will consider becoming a Guest Barista. 

To become a Guest Barista, email the following to

  • 3 to 5 pieces of original writing
    • links are OK
    • previously published pieces are OK
  • a paragraph telling us more about you
  • a link to your blog or social media page

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