First published in The Quiet Letter, July 2018


I stand on the balcony and

look for those fireflies in the garden

dancing and circling

around every blade of grass

lighting it up

with the fire in their bellies

I soak the beauty

in those buzzing insects

in the hope they

can fill up the sadness

imbued in

every corner of my life

The noise and the cacophony

of the thousands of the

air conditioner

hanging like tongues

from a dead body

cooling us and

heating up the anger inside

people look like insects

crawling towards their

home smaller

than their hearts


the alabaster moon

hangs low tonight in the

heart of the ashen sky

I snub my cigarette and go back

inside in my house

away from this cacophony

where mind

begins its colloquy with the

the deafening silence

I’m at peace again.


Photo by Felipe P. Lima Rizo on Unsplash



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