Anatomy of a Book: Choosing and Organizing Your Writing- Christine Ray

A valuable piece of advice from a talented writer about arranging and selecting your pieces from the enormous collection of your writing.
Do give it a read.

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When I first contemplated choosing pieces and organizing them for Composition of a Woman, I naively thought it would be fairly quick and straightforward process.  I had recently served as the editor for an art show chapbook that included pieces from 12 very diverse girls and women and as the primary editor for Anthology Volume I: Writings from the Sudden Denouement Collective, which included the writing of 29 writers from 7 countries.  How hard could it be to organize my own book?

The first challenge I faced was the sheer volume of writing I had done since I started Brave and Reckless and my own lack of foresight.  Normally, I write my first draft in a Word document and then post to my blog.  I do save those Word Documents but oh, how I love to tinker!  Once I copy and paste into the draft blog post I…

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