First Published in the Cavalcade of Stars


Joy is sudden, gradual, elusive
and sometimes downright grotesque
it can creep up to you
when you least expect it and
or can exist in the residual amount
when you want it in abundance

Joy is unexpected when a sudden rush of warm feeling
fills you from within
in the middle of a eulogy
and you picture her perfectly
in her auburn hair standing on the porch
braving the harsh sun
which is burning her bare shoulders
and the air is doused
with apple tinged perfume

Joy is perfunctory
when you exchanging
those smiles
tightly tucked between your teeth
as you walk slowly with
steps measured in equal proportion
heading towards the
wheel of life

Joy is that sudden urge
which lights up your skittish heart
like the strides of the Aurora Borealis
and with is grandeur
mesmerizes you
and within a speck of a second
takes you back to the
banality of lies

Joy is many flavors of awe
just like the million flavors
in that ice cream shop and
you are mesmerized
like a child
standing there
/in fact/
for a moment

Joys are crotched of memories
which we pick up and unspool in private
running it incessantly on the
spokes of time

Joy is unattainable
and everything in between.


Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

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