Reminiscent – Published in Life in 10 minutes

First Published in the Life in 10 minutes


When these long bony
taloned arms of the reality
clutches the dreams
of every passer-by
and crushes it
under its feet
I long for the day when the
passing through the holes of my heart
and will crochet a thick burlap
for my old age
my existence doubled up with my frailty
which I will wrap you all around me
and will sit next to
the cozy warm fireplace
air heavy with remembrance
and my wine getting intoxicated by the
time which ages gracefully
for all the moments spent with you
nestled deep within my heart.


4 thoughts on “Reminiscent – Published in Life in 10 minutes

  1. Megha, your poetry brings wonderful thoughts to mind. Thanks for sharing.

    As life takes us into the sunsets of our life, we feel drawn to remember back to events and people from our past. At the same time, be prepared to make each day precious and create another memory.

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