Her supple body
coupled with
nimble steps
on tight rung wire
stretched thin
on a pole top
Life a gamble between the
balance and the misstep
she takes the risk
from dusk to dawn
People are looking up
gazing at the sun
to get a glimpse of her
how skilfully she moved
from one end to another
The passerby stops and watch
with constant amaze
how easily she can spin
her body
with so much grace
When all the hungry eyes
betting on her fall
she constantly ignores
the stomach which growls.
Her daily bread is
mounted on the another
end of the wire
to bring
back the light
to her dazed
eyes is her
only desire.


This post is in response to the daily prompt Agile

44 thoughts on “Agile

  1. Your words paint the such vivid image of childhood hunger. The image merges with your words, speaking loudly of the torment, risks and pressures endured. Yet I’m encouraged by her perseverance to make it to the other side and be fed. She’s focused not distracted.
    Wonderfully written

    Liked by 1 person

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