Last Call – Megha Sood

My words on Free Verse Revolution today.


“Life is pleasant. Death is peaceful. It’s the transition that’s troublesome.”

― Isaac Asimov

What are you made up of

strong metallic armor

with a toned body covered

with a warm

beating supple heart

and love undefined

Did that iota of the primordial

gel still flows in your veins

and you descend from the

family of warriors and fighters

and still, lay your claim

To the thrones

which are marked by the

scars and washed with

the proverbial blood of the

those who broke

their backs and bent their bones

to resurrect your existence

What are you made up of

your pallid face

and the defeated broken soul

which tries to

lay itself in the deep slumber

never to be awakened

those bent and broken fingers

which still long

for the

warmth in the womb

That single ray of light

filtering through the window

marks the day

of your execution

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