Poetry published in the Visual Verse March Vol 06 Chapter 05 – ” I dream of home”

I’m absolutely thrilled to be published in the March edition of the Visual Verse. Though it’s not my maiden publication for Visual Verse. I have blessed to be featured 12 times since last January but what makes it special is the project and the message it carries.

Below is the information about this Issue by Visual Verse for the March Issue:

This special edition of Visual Verse features writers from a programme called Writing Together, part of a wider initiative called Learning Together, which is run by the Institute of Criminology in Cambridge.

We are thrilled to invite a group of never-before-published writers to take the lead with a set of pieces written in a workshop inside one of the UK’s high-security prisons.

Half of our lead writers are students at Cambridge University, and half are men who have been incarcerated, some for many years. The group has been working together for a while, learning the basics of fiction, poetry and script writing; but this was the first time they have written to an image, in a set amount of time and words, and asked to hand that work in. It was typed up on the outside and here it is…

These writers are published anonymously but each is celebrated for their individual creativity and unique response to this image.

Read more about Learning Together.

Here is the link to my poem  I dream of home

Happy blogging!

Megha Sood


8 thoughts on “Poetry published in the Visual Verse March Vol 06 Chapter 05 – ” I dream of home”

      1. I do outreach work with a local prison, going once a week to perform for inmates interested in music. I teach guitar and we have sing-a-longs while chatting casually about life inside the prison and the opportunities (or lack thereof) once inmates return to society. It’s a very rewarding experience and I’ve been doing it for about six months now.

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