100K views reached!!


I’m squealing like a kid on a Christmas morning to see my blog quietly crossing the 100K views since I started my blogging journey last September. Writing has always been about the creative expression and a cathartic experience for me but I can’t deny the fact that seeing my blog cross the 100K views instills so much joy in me. It obviously has been made possible because of the beautiful community of readers/writers/bloggers I have on WordPress.

So a million thanks to all of you for sticking with me through this journey!!

Happy Tuesday!!

Megha Sood






83 thoughts on “100K views reached!!

  1. massive congrats Megha, very inspiring to see! I’ve just started doing this since October, and was wondering what’s one thing you would advise someone starting out? Ash x

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  2. Whoa!! So sorry I missed this! Congratulations, Dear Megha!! I am so happy to see you celebrated in such a gleeful manner!! Nice to have the inner child out and about!!! You sure have the After Burners On!! And a million thanks to you for being such a shining light to your followers – I will always be indebted to you for my first published poem!! Blessings to you, My Dear!!


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