All the Lonely People is Now Available from Blank Paper Press, Canada

My second poetry anthology alongside 12 other talented writers by Blank Paper Press out today on Amazon. Grab a copy.


Review by Kristiana Reed

Gagnier’s Swear To Me, his first collection explicitly addressing mental health was a triumph. It united writers from across the globe and there was a raw honesty within the pages which helped me feel less alone as I read it.

Gagnier calls us ‘legion’ and here, as ‘all the lonely people’ unite once more, the pain and strength is palpable.

This sequel goes against the grain and truly is better than its predecessor. Swear To Me was exceptional but its sequel is phenomenal. This anthology, in my opinion, is Gagnier’s best work in the poetry sphere. In his quest for self acceptance, he has harnessed his voice. He teaches his readers how to hurt and then turn the hurt into free verse, truth, hope and humanity. And that is what this anthology is about – our humanity and our struggle to contain it with society’s…

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27 thoughts on “All the Lonely People is Now Available from Blank Paper Press, Canada

      1. Oh….Wow, that is wonderful, thanks for letting me know that! It is so 😎. I’m going to check it out on Amazon tomorrow. I have given myself a early shutdown time tonight…lol… see how that goes

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