Two poems published in the Writer’s Cafe Magazine Theme “Frost and Dew”- “Winters” and “Anamoly”

So happy to know that my two poems have been accepted in the Writer's Cafe Magazine for the December issues based on the theme "Frost and Dew". Really thankful to the generous editor Marie Lightman for continuously supporting my work and for challenging the writer with a monthly theme. You can read the two poems … Continue reading Two poems published in the Writer’s Cafe Magazine Theme “Frost and Dew”- “Winters” and “Anamoly”

Poetry published in the Pangolin Review Issue 7

I'm very pleased that my poem has been featured in yet another Literary magazine which is a signatory of ( Poets and Writers). I'm really grateful to the editors Amit Parmesseur and jane Mayflower for publishing my poem and supporting my work. Pangolin Review  is a UK based bimonthly literary publication. Each issue goes online … Continue reading Poetry published in the Pangolin Review Issue 7

Looking for the Perfect Last Minute Gift? Titles from Sudden Denouement Publishing Are Always the Right Fit

Indie Blu(e) Publishing

Blossom and Boneby Nicole Lyons

In Blossom and Bone, Nicole Lyons’ third collection of poetry, she is unafraid to bare her soul. With never a wasted word, Lyons’ work has a hypnotic immediacy that leaves the reader breathless, as if she were in the room with them, saying; “I am standing here screaming / I live, I live, I love.”

Blossom and Bone is “A beautifully crafted work of art that will punch you in the face with its gritty realism before soothing your wounds with elegant prose, thought provoking lines, and sublime imagery.” – Samuel Decker Thompson

Blossom and Bone.png

Pantheonby Eric Syrdal

Eric Syrdal’s Pantheon is the novel told in free-verse that you never knew you needed to read. Epic in scope but always deeply rooted in its humanity, it defies genres and expectations.

“Pantheon is a thrilling philosophical journey exploring the depth and meaning for one passing through…

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The Map

Megha's World

“A ship that sails without a compass will get lost at sea.”
― Matshona Dhliwayo


The cluttered thoughts

 in my tangled mind

begging for the sunshine

to  make their way through

the cobwebs of uncertainty

and slippery steps of the doubts

I precariously chose my way

out of here

through the dark alleys of the doubts

those treacherous lanes

where I always get lost

looking for my way out and

hoping to get in the right direction

I have lost the map

jumping the hoops of the

rules and regulations

in the patriarchal society

filed to the brim

with its naysayers

with their sardonic mouths

and their grim faces

I’m learning to weave

spun and crochet

 a map to my heart

and a pathway to my soul

before I finally get lost

Before I finally get lost.


Photo by N. on Unsplash

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Megha's World

First Published in Vita Brevis Literature, July 2018


Your memories leave an impression on my soul
like the careless fingers leave on the warm wax
when held gently
that indelible print
like the scars the alabaster moon has
on a dimly moonlit night
Like the endless trails of a worm wriggling and dancing
leaving trails on the bubbling mud
after the monsoon rains
Getting drenched or
maybe mourning the loss of the house
Offered to the rains
/who could tell/
Time stands still and I can count your freckles in the moonlight
When the moon rest as a shadow in the serrated leaves
and my loves rests on the tip of your mole.
resting on the edge of your fleeting smile.
your memories leave an impression on me
like the outline of the drenched bodies
drying on the bench
two souls as one.

Photo by Susan Kirsch on 

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Contributing Editor at Ariel Chart and Call out for submissions

Hurry!! the deadline for Submission is December 31,2018.
Send your 3-5 poems/short fiction pieces along with a short bio in the third person to
Detailed guidelines in the post below.

Megha's World


It gives me immense pleasure and happiness to share with you that I have been accepted as a Contributing Editor at the Ariel Chart. I’m really thankful to the editor in Chief and founder of the Ariel Chart, Mark Antony Rossi to have given me this wonderful opportunity.

Ariel Chart is a signatory of P&W. (Poets and Writers) Published works are credited in their renown Directory of Writers. ARIEL CHART is dedicated to brevity. Its a monthly journal which publishes poetry and fiction.

Submissions are open for the month of December. We are looking for submission for Poetry and Short Fiction.

If you are interested in submitting something in poetry then please follow the submission guidelines here. The deadline for sending the submissions is December 31, 2018, for January 2019 Issue.

Happy blogging!

Megha Sood

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Two poems published in the Madness Muse Press Blog-“Broken” and “Immigrant”

This fills me with happiness to see that two of my poems have been featured on the Madness Muse Press Blog. I"m really thankful to the associate editor Chani Zwibel to have given me the opportunity. Madness Muse was founded in 2016 as a means to publish writing with sociopolitical learnings.Currently it is  press dedicated … Continue reading Two poems published in the Madness Muse Press Blog-“Broken” and “Immigrant”

Big Book Giveaway

You don’t want to miss amazing giveaway by Indie Blu(e) Publishing Press.

Indie Blu(e) Publishing

In honor of the launch of We Will Not Be Silenced, we are holding an amazing Big Book Giveaway! Two lucky winners in the U.S. or Canada will receive an assortment of six books each, including a copy of We Will Not Be Silenced. A lucky International winner will receive four books, including We Will Not Be Silenced.

Entering is simple! Just sign up for Indie Blu(e) Publishing’s Newsletter here. There is no cost to enter. Winners will be selected at random Winners will be selected at random on December 15, 2018.

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Indie Blu(e) Publishing

The editors and contributors are ending our week of events honoring the publication ofWe Will Not Be Silenced: The Lived Experience of Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault Told Powerfully Through Poetry, Prose, Essay, and Art the way we started it-with a Live Event on Friday, December 7th on Facebook. Our first Live Event was well-attended and really terrific- lots of interaction between the attendees, editors, and book contributors.

Our final live event provides a great opportunity to learn more about the book’s origin, purpose, and its contributors and get some sneak peeks of the powerful content. You will also have a chance to enter some great book giveaways!

Learn morehere.

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Megha's World


Paradox continues
life sustains
seeking company and solace
in a crowded room
oh! the fallacy remains

Striving hard to search for
the eternal soulmates
within a
relationship of convenience
the contradictions sustains

Vows made out of blood
and eternal bonding
witness by the many
the deceptions remains

Blessed and pardoned
by the holy grace
and few pennies
in the charity box
the elusions pertains

Being born in the
land of mortals
seeking a sinless life
at the horizon
the illusion remains

Heading towards the
shiny mirage
tumbling towards
the inevitable and certain
yet born with a pure soul
the aberration remains.

Photo by Alex on Unsplash

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Rebirth – Megha Sood

My piece of Whisper and the Roar today.

Whisper and the Roar

“A scar does not form on the dying. A scar means, I survived.”
― Chris Cleave, Little Bee


You plucked my wings

feather by feather

pulled it out in pieces

from the blades of my shoulder

You can bloody me all you want

shred me into pieces

and rip them into halves

for everyone to see it.

Your hands sanguine with my

seraphic blood

your soul

deeply encumbered.

But you can’t douse the

eternal flame in me

the one which is burning

and giving me the intensity

the light of my being

my aura,

my personality

these wounds will heal

and scars will be formed

that is how the life sustains

that is how life is born.

Photo by Gaston Roulstone on Unsplash

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Kristiana Reed Reviews We Will Not Be Silenced

Indie Blu(e) Publishing

We Will Not Be Silenced is a collection of poetry, prose, essays, and art which shares the lived experience of sexual harassment and sexual assault. It has been pieced together and pioneered by four incredible, courageous women who, in telling their truth, have a raised a chorus of ninety-one other writers and artists. Austin, Daquin, Finch, and Ray have undoubtedly created more than a piece of art. They have blown wind into the sails of change and made a stand which has already altered the lives of many.

We Will Not be Silenced, as the title suggests, paves the way for silence to be shattered. Shame and stigma in society have taught a lesson of ‘stay quiet because no one will believe you’, for too long. The stories in this collection, although difficult to read at times, teach new lessons. Lessons about hope.Lessons about how you are not alone…

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Megha's World

A reflection in the mirror
A ragged appearance
carved and sketched by the
hammers of time
cracks in her face
those freckles
stands the test of passing time
lines on her forehead
and the crow’s-feet
on the edges
are storing the time,
so sublime
the face she sees but
doesn’t recognize
she appears to be more bright
in her memories
she gathers hurt and the pain
in those wrinkles
but they seem to
have festered
she was hiding behind
age seems to be fleeting
her youth flailing behind
sometimes she gets startled
by her own reflection
unacquainted by the
stranger in the mirror
Oh! the pain and hurt
she has absorbed
all those years in her folds
can only seem to
tell the story
of her life being so unkind.
 Photo by Dayne Topkin on Unsplash
This post is based on the daily prompt Identical

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Happy Souls Are We…………

Come read this simple yet profound definition of a happy soul written on a Buddhist Monastery on the way to Leh.

Boundless Blessings by Kamal

Following lines on A ‘Happy Soul‘ were written at a Buddhist Monastery in Lamayuru, a small hamlet on the way to Leh. Take a look:

Who’s a Happy Soul?

  1. A Happy Soul stops trying to change others, but instead focuses on changing self.
  2. A Happy Soul is one who accepts people for who they are and not at their face-value.
  3. A Happy Soul is one who understands that everyone is right in one’s own perspective.
  4. A Happy Soul is one who learns to ‘let go’. He does not carry any burdens.
  5. A Happy Soul is one who is able to drop expectations from every relationship and gives unconditionally for the sake of giving.
  6. A Happy Soul is one who understands that whatever we do, we do it for our own peace of mind.
  7. A Happy Soul is one who stops proving to the world how intelligent one is. …

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