First Published in the Ariel Chart


Days of uncertainty ruffling its feathers

until it gets the last drop

of water squeezed out of it.


The feeling of nothingness which exists

between the certainty of a heartbeat and

the uncertainty of the last breath

the dichotomy of the truth still exists in various shades


Truth is pliable these days

they smirk

as it gets distorted around the contours of their lips

part real and part fiction


loss of time is neatly tucked in the center of my palm

which are folded in prayer

/a colorless offering /

time slipping through the cracks of a folded palms

Can you feel the dripping?


A moment sublime can be turned into a treacherous lie

eyes gaze from the emptiness to nothing

while getting blinded by a white-faced lie

it blinds us and still gives us pleasure


Oh! the juxtaposition of emotion still plays peek a boo

as the passing time gently mollify my pain and

mocks at the triteness of the moment

where everything exists at the edge

from here to nothing.


I still count the days on my fingers

hoping to hold the infinity in my palms.

My days of solitude elongates

from here to nothing.


Photo by Alin Rusu on Unsplash




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