Wings of change

Inspired by the Writing prompt given by the FIVE 2 One on Twitter

Those fleeting winds

riding the angled ends of the metal plate

life hides its inspiration in smallest of things 

a haphazard moment,

a ripple in time,

or a floating dandelion

swayed away by the merciful winds

they still seem to fulfill the purpose

of sharing the love 

where and whenever it takes root

we all are migrant 

riding on the wings of time

trying to dig roots in this fleeting moment

too surreal to be true

we all are in this together 

a little of me,

a little of you.



10 thoughts on “Wings of change

  1. This is beautiful! Thank you so much for writing this. Life gets really hard, many times, and it gets tough when your dreams seem impossible to achieve, but when I know that we are all going through the same thing, it gives me hope!

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