Time burns slowly

First Published on Life in 10 minutes


I can taste the metallic taste of an
unsung song lodged in my throat
when the sourness of the stale words and verse
have sat long enough
out in the night

it carries the taste of the doom
the sadness mixed within
gives it a tart taste
like the curdled milk
left overnight

and I can taste the sea on my
broken and chapped lips
time sitting still between its cracks
waiting for eons to utter that golden word

which will rip and shred the silence in pieces
and I can feel the pain of those crushed wings of the butterfly
they leave the traces in your palm
/death and its painful existence/

the pain of the unsaid verses
as the knotted lilies in the womb
my bleary eyes gazes
from emptiness to nothing
and times leaves the soot on my soul
as it burns slowly
and marks my soul.


Photo by Svetlana Pochatun on Unsplash

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