Megha's World

A reflection in the mirror
A ragged appearance
carved and sketched by the
hammers of time
cracks in her face
those freckles
stands the test of passing time
lines on her forehead
and the crow’s-feet
on the edges
are storing the time,
so sublime
the face she sees but
doesn’t recognize
she appears to be more bright
in her memories
she gathers hurt and the pain
in those wrinkles
but they seem to
have festered
she was hiding behind
age seems to be fleeting
her youth flailing behind
sometimes she gets startled
by her own reflection
unacquainted by the
stranger in the mirror
Oh! the pain and hurt
she has absorbed
all those years in her folds
can only seem to
tell the story
of her life being so unkind.
 Photo by Dayne Topkin on Unsplash
This post is based on the daily prompt Identical

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