Centre Stage



We are at the center stage
hounded and cheered by the million hungry eyes
ready and pumped to get
a piece of the entertainment
of their life
to get that taste of the bloodied reality
and voyeuristic truth
we have been gulping down our throats
through all this life

We are at the center stage
burned and scalded by the spotlight
where every happiness is put at stake and
the eyes have been blinded
fake and empty
seeded in our bleared eyes
blinded for centuries

We are at the center stage
ready to be judged for every mortal sin
we have committed in this lifetime
and will be cheered by many
when the
grim reaper takes our soul
and begins that sacrilege

We are at the center stage
Let the games begin
Let me win or lose
Let me play my stakes.

Photo by Scott Umstattd on Unsplash



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