Love fool

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If I let the door ajar to my


wear my heart on the sleeve

trust every smiling face

and every fake praise

tainted with those broken desires

then the fault is in me

If I let him be the sweet talker

and blush at every small

trivial comment

sing his praises

to my heart’s content

then it is my wrongdoing

if I let those shiny trinkets and 

gifts blind me

and I could not see the 

deception he was planning all along

and devilish desires in his smirk

and his pursed lips

if I am blinded by all those

signs and 

the illusion of the love 

got the best of me

Believe me, my friends, 

the joke’s and the laugh is on me.

Photo by Skye Studios on Unsplash


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15 thoughts on “Love fool

  1. I can relate with it but as Shantanu rightly said at least few of us here loved❤️❤️. Although unrelated yesterday I was reading Shashi Tharoor’s interview where he said something which made me think, that always forgive but never forget!! I don’t know whether it will make sense here in this context but somehow your brilliant poem reminded me of his words…but you wove brilliant words here!

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