Failed ambition ( Micro poetry)


33 thoughts on “Failed ambition ( Micro poetry)

  1. Beautifully written, so true…
    Origami is such a creative imaginative art, no two pieces are the same. Yes, it can be painful, the technique is quite unique. One must practice patience to become skillful at Origami.

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      1. I know as a Girl Scout Troop Leader we covered a unit and the girls earned a badge, we featured them them at our Night of Art Exhibit.
        Most recently I had the opportunity to introduce
        with School Age Students 6th Grade After School Program they loved it. Patience , focus and relaxation was the added tools and words used to inspire them. They are so intense.
        InHisCare 🙏
        Yonnie 💜


  2. Loved this on several levels! As to dreams and ambitions, elegantly executed plan and a result that is ambiguous, or is it??? The ending seemed pensive and sad but not to me! Isn’t oragami supposed to be paper sculpture?? A work of art? A bird that will never fly away but is never caged? Don’t mind me I think I’ve slipped into a Silly gear! Ha! Truly a beautiful poem!!!

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