First published in the Former People Poetry Journal


Silence lives on the other side of the lake

where the death has yet to reach

it can count the footsteps

of the sunlight

falling in the dried petals and 

can trace you 

near the creek


Death is a slithering snake

it has no legs 

/or a million tiny ones/

you can feel its 

ominous presence

it’s vibrations 

in the earth beneath you

like that phantom pain

my granny has in her knees

every monsoon


Silence is hidden

between the shards of the broken glass

screeching from every flake

heartbroken by the loss of its identity

and mourning the 

loss of the one it has


Death is the unspoken prayer 

at the cemetery,

where it rules the territory


chest thumping and watermarking 

everybody for its destination


Silence and death are interchangeable

the moment you part your lips.

Photo by Jonny Caspari on Unsplash









28 thoughts on “Interchangeable

  1. I loved the rich metaphors and the imagery you have created. Contrasting images have been woven into a pattern to give ‘Death’ a meaning. The opening lines start with anticipation, apprehension, and mystery. The reader’s mind travels to the other side of the lake (nice symbolism) here; the expanse between life and death. In the last stanza, the cemetery is described in contrasting images of sound and silence. Well written, Megha! (Sorry for the long comment)

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