Charred Heart


There is a storm brewing under my skin

pulling  and  trying to rip my skin apart

trying to shred into small bits and pieces

I can feel the insect crawl on the nape of my skin

I can feel that twitchy feeling

those tiny paralyzing shocks

delivered in a

blink of an eye

when I twitch and


and all my hairs on my back rise a

all at once

as they bear witness

to the atrocity my pain

delivers to my body

the frenzied state I’m left in

with my knotted stomach

legs trembling in fear

as I sit knock-kneed getting the

a first-hand witness of the

undesirable pain

my body wreaks on my soul

a thousand shocks

traveling through the neurons

those garbled paths

with the broken message

my brain fervently trying to decipher

and fails

ever and ever again

Maybe if you sit close

you ears held to my chest

you can hear

those short bursts

of my soul

those SOS messages

I have been sending

to be deciphered again

as I see the embers

dying a slow death

of my charred heart.


Photo by Quinten de Graaf on Unsplash

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