Poetry Published in the FIVE:2: ONE # Sideshow Magazine -“House”(Micro poetry)

Dear blogging family,

I could not contain my excitement to share this news that my first micro poetry along with spoken word got published in the #Sidehow part of the coveted FIVE:2: One Magazine. They are one of the esteemed Literary magazines referred to by Poets &Writers aka pw.org.I’m really thankful to the editor in chief, Nathan Schwartz for accepting my work.

FIVE:2: ONE is primarily dedicated to the transgressive, the progressive and the experimental. They love the hell out of the cross-genre scientists, the visual inventors, plucky linguists, non-narratives narrators, and especially the experimental weird babies. #Sidehow is an online journal of the FIVE:2: ONE which published the micropoetry, flash, art, and microfiction.

Please read the micro poetry “House” and also listen to the spoken word.

To be honest with you all since it was my first spoken word I was very nervous about recording and it shows in the recording.

Do leave and your precious feedback in the comments section.

Happy blogging!

Megha Sood


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