An exercise in futility

Following the sham of a Senate hearing (Brett Kavanaugh Vs Dr. Christine Ford)for the last few days has made my blood boil with rage and anger.I’m appalled and enraged at its possible outcome.


Be a ladylike,
eye pleasing appearance
enough to gulp down the lies
down your swan bottled neck
oh! only to be bejeweled by the pearl necklace
and the bright possessions
he dons you with

Don’t bother to breathe
when it’s not ladylike
that your chest heaves violently
to the truth you fail to contain in
It’s not social to use expletives in your
aristocratic language
you will be burned at the stake
for speaking your truth
your scraps will be fed to wolves

Don’t wear your truth on your sleeves
which is naked and bold
it can’t hold a gaze
with their shameful eyes
too hard to please;
too simple to ignore

Sit with your legs crossed
my mom used to say.
don’t let that pointy opinions of your
evade your crisscrossed arms
to become an easy prey

Don’t give them enough reasons
your piercing opinions
to point at your ribcage
they will choke you with
their blatant lies
will tear your heart apart
with their hungry eyes

Oh! look at him
he is remorseful
with his flagrant lies
he goes to church on Sundays
lives with his two daughters and his wife
that is enough for him to
seek the blessings of the male privilege
those damn vultures in disguise

Where the validity of your truth never mattered
it would never be
your reality will always be a grain of sand in
their eyes of ignorance
too hard to ignore
too painful to acknowledge.
an exercise in futility.


Photo by Miranda Wipperfurth on Unsplash

47 thoughts on “An exercise in futility

  1. The picture is scary, but your poem is wonderful and they do work well together. That sad fact about how women were and sometimes are, raised and expected to behave, b/c they are women. I hope less and less this is not the case. Sexism is never right. Great emotion too. I could really feel this one 🙂

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  2. Megha, your words are so true and powerful!!! Insightful and awesome!!! It is so hard for me to believe that people of faith are willing to sell their soul for a conservative judge on the Supreme Court. How is it ok to confirm someone who the President has said was nominated because he will overturn Roe v. Wade despite the lies out of his mouth that he won’t, among others!! Thanks so much for sharing!! Bravo!!

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    1. I’m appalled the way this whole hearing has been going on There is not even a shred if dignity left in people today.
      Have you seen the footage where Kamala Harris was questioning Kavanaugh.Any dumd person would understand his guilt

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