We Did Nothing By Tan Shivers

Come read one of the poems from the series “Disarm” currently featured by The Rising Phoenix. It talks about the gun violence and the nasty effects of it.

The Rising Phoenix Review

We Did Nothing

As the shots rang out,
They began to run and hide

Texting and calling their loved ones
To tell them “I love you” one last time

Blood stained lunch boxes and backpacks
Litter the classroom floor

A teacher lays motionless by her
Classroom door

And yet… we did nothing

“Less gun laws”, they say, as another
Child dies

Shedding meaningless crocodile tears
As they watch grieving parents cry

Politicians too worried about their
Campaign funds

To pass any legislation that would make
It harder to purchase a gun

And yet… we did nothing

Pointless debates continue among the left, right, and
The “in-betweeners”

Meanwhile, a panicked mother arrives to school searching
For her daughter, screaming “Have you seen her?”

The shooter set off many red flags, but nothing was
Done because everyone thought he was bluffing

Ask any child what they did to deserve to feel

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