Status Quo (Micro poetry)

16 thoughts on “Status Quo (Micro poetry)

  1. Hah! This carries so much truth.
    Excellent how you conveyed the concept of marginalization with some “quick strokes”.
    You should always be the one who defines your own boundaries. If you don’t others might relieve you of your work but also limiting you in doing so.

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  2. To paraphrase I’d say – Before feeling excluded understand who is doing the excluding. What is the message here? Is i that, before emotion obtain information? There seems an undertone of encouragement to have an understanding of who the perpetrator of the perceived injustice is, but to what end? Justice or reprisal? The piece seeks not to advance the premise of “taking note of why the boundary is being drawn”.

    Is it that in life there will always be the included and the excluded? Society can not and will never be emulsified. The assumption here seems to be that a deliberate decision is made to prevent inclusion. That there is an exercising of power, one over another.

    Perhaps the piece seeks to ignore motive. Simply feeling excluded, unimportant and just noting who would be exclusive, superior over another is questionable.

    However circumstance is pivotal in understanding the context of the piece. Here lies the nub. If there is deliberate oppression, prejudice, and preventative barriers to inclusion, inequality or threats. The advise of the piece is know your oppressor. Then when justice and equality are obtained, the outcome can be a better understand of the wants and needs of each other, regardless.

    This is my take of the Micro poem.

    See what power it transmits.

    Thank you. Chris T.


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