“Two there are, who are never satisfied; The lover of the world and the lover of Knowledge.”
― Rumi

That dazzling hummingbird
slowly buzzing
and flapping its wings
a thousand time in a blink of an eye
staying suspended in the air
defying the laws of nature
to get just the drop of that elixer
that nectar
which will justify its existence
gives meaning to its
flight of beauty
that dance of the desire and the fulfillment
the beauty and nature
the union of the
that eternal thirst and the
parched soul
the persistent hovering at the
and the daylilies
giving a  strong competition to those
adamant bees
shining those iridescent wings
with that shine and shimmering
It sucks, sip and
drink the nectar
which gives her the sustenance
to weave that beautiful dance
in nature forever.
Photo by Bryan Hanson on Unsplash

43 thoughts on “Dance

  1. Loved this. I especially like the last two lines “weave that beautiful dance in nature forever” That is exactly how I picture their motion, like a shuttle back and forth…I can spend hours watching the hummingbird

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  2. Ohh, I think I loved this more the second reading! This is just Stunningly Amazing, Megha!! Your words painted a portrait that surpassed the beauty of the attached photo!! Bellissimo, My Dear, Bellissimo! I wish I could reblog it again!!!


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