Poetry featured in Indian Periodical-“Seasons”

The Editor of the Indian Periodical magazine has been gracious and kind enough to feature my poem Seasons in the weekly edition of the magazine. Please read my poem

“Seasons” and leave your precious comment. Love to hear from you.

Happy Blogging!

Megha Sood


39 thoughts on “Poetry featured in Indian Periodical-“Seasons”

      1. Each stanza had its own power and beauty. Your opening lines regarding holding the seasons in your hands was perfect and made us want to read more. The monsoon stanza.
        was my favorite. Loved the line: drenched in the drops of water after the wash. Also loved the washing the impurities down the gutters. This particular metaphor was powerful.
        You carried the beautiful and meaning of the poem to the end. Bravo.

        How was that? Smiling.

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      2. Now I’m smiling because of your kind words and a giving heart. Thanks so much for reading and sharing your beautiful thoughts with me and my readers. Always a pleasure to hear from you.

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      3. Sorry, I didn’t do it before. I try to read so many blogs, my comments are often short. This piece you wrote truly deserved better.
        You are a wonderful poet. One of the better one’s in wordpress. (Oh oh, I can see myself getting in trouble over that last remark). LOL Have a wonderful day.

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      1. Oh you have always been supportive of my work Kate but I personally believe that as the beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, a writer writes for its readers.Thanks for all your love, always.

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  1. one of your very best Megha, I felt like I was in Kerala during the monsoon, this would be a great opening verse for Arundhathi Roy’s novels set in that era and area. The tresses were the most beautiful part for me, symbolic of a woman’s beauty and allure as well as her strength.

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