Poetry feature in the Writer’s Cafe Magazine Issue 10 – Theme “Potraits”

So happy and excited to be featured amongst the talented voices in Issue 10 of the Writer’s Cafe Magazine with Theme ” Portraits”. I’m really thankful to Marie Lightman for giving me this opportunity and for featuring my work. The Writers’ Cafe was established in 2012, formed from the premise that writers needed a place to meet other writers, away from the distraction of home. Please read my poem Creation and leave your feedback in the comments section.

Happy blogging,

Megha Sood

35 thoughts on “Poetry feature in the Writer’s Cafe Magazine Issue 10 – Theme “Potraits”

      1. oh so others mustn’t mind her layout … guess it must be a great network! My preference it for the Carrot Ranch community, short fiction 99 words … got me started on another style!

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      2. been doing it less than 2 years so much room for improvement … it’s a whole other community. I enjoy my poetry but it doesn’t fit with these competitions … but then neither does my fiction 🙂

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  1. I love the ending Megha.
    As I finish giving touches to
    your fingertips
    carrying the warmth
    of the entangled palms,
    I finish your eyes
    laced with
    the dreams of future
    where we will be
    together as ONE.

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      1. You are always welcome, my friend. I speak only what I feel and I know that no matter where your words find themselves, they fit in and help add beautiful colours to the spaces they occupy 🙂

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