Poetry feature on Modern Literature-“Heritage”, “Out of Sync” and “Nothing”

Nothing can make my day more special than being featured on the Modern Literature. Modern literature is an international magazine focusing on the latest trends in modern literature from across the world. It showcases the latest trends in the field of literature – Fiction, Literary Non-fiction, Poetry, Interviews, Arts & Politics.

I really appreciate the support of the Editor for featuring all of my three poems. Please read my poems “Heritage“, “Out of Sync” and “Nothing” and leave your precious feedback in the comments section.

Happy blogging!

Megha Sood





57 thoughts on “Poetry feature on Modern Literature-“Heritage”, “Out of Sync” and “Nothing”

  1. Congrats read two already, great work … now I beg, you must please please teach us mere mortals how to get even one poem published … you now have dozens and increasing rapidly … please do a post on how you get published?
    Of course I guess it helps that your poems are stellar, if I could learn to write poems I might stand a better chance 🙂

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    1. Haha..Kate you cracked me up.I do nothing special that what everyone is doing ..I read and look out for lit coevtoves which resonates with my style of writing.
      You have to find your niche
      You can check out pw.org and look for lit mags which suits your writing style and as I say evertime though getting published is a perk but writing itself is catharatic.
      Hope this helped

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      1. No seriously..that’s what I have been doing.
        And I have had my share of rejections too.
        You won’t believe there are tons of lit mags with writing style which isn’t mine

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      2. lol I’m just a fellow blogger these are great publishing companies where you are getting put out there … you should be very proud of all your achievements, literary and otherwise 🙂

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      3. Mostly all of them required completely unpublished pieces so you have to write specially for them.Thats the tough part.So I wrote for the blog, for submissitiobs and also for other literary mags I’m on author panel

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      4. Still need some clues as to which type you think they might be interested in and then I can write something similar … you do mostly love and that’s not me 😦

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      5. onto as time allows … busy this week as we celebrate our First Australians … gallery opening, march, dances and tomorrow a cultural day at the exquisite reserve … great photo opportunities for me 🙂

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      6. do you subscribe to their magazine or buy their products? Do you pay a fee for the review? Come on a special post dedicated to the subject would be great to read and share, please Megha?

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      7. Some magazine which I really like I gave bought but most of them offer free subscription.
        Kate,I’m not good at writing long article.
        I can give you tips all you need.
        Have you sent your poem to Spillwords press,if they like yours they are very generous

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      8. Have sent both poems and fiction off to numerous mags and one said they would publish but it never happened … so loads of rejections so I stopped … you have given me new hope … thanks 🙂

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