“We are halves, but we make an infinite whole.”
― Catherynne M. Valente


Am I an amenity in your life?

or am something who defines you 

Do I complete your dreams?

or I'm just a passing glance.

Am I the magical quill

which makes your dreams come true?

or I'm the clown in the circus

who hides behind the mask.

but still gives you the fun, which is due

Am I your soul mate?

rounding your life and giving it a purpose

or just a hand to hold

when you need to be consoled.

Am I the one who will brush away your tears?

gives a shoulder to cry on

when your heart wants to scream out.

Or someone who will give your fake

smile; a companion.

Do you see me as someone

who will stay by your side through thick or thin?

Or someone flashy

To walk with your stride

Happy being your arm candy.

Do you see me as the one who creates

or someone who just extends us.

You define me the way you treat me

You empower me when you free me

I just don't want to be your admiration

I just don't want your hand

I want to be the fuel for our ambition.

I want to be more than a companion.

Photo by Elizabeth Tsung on Unsplash


34 thoughts on “Companion

  1. Beautiful, Megha. These are questions we all ask, whether internal or explicit. Some of us are lucky enough to receive answers, others ever more fortune to receive honest ones. We can only hope we find someone that cares enough to demonstrate their answers in action…

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  2. You express the feelings of thousands of hearts in one poem.This is so relatable and true.To live with someone and to “exist” for someone is totally different.
    Loved the last 2 lines👏👏👏

    Liked by 1 person

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