“A weed is but an unloved flower.”
― Ella Wheeler Wilcox


My heart and soul
a garden of weeds
growing for eternity
and deprived of the
beauty of the world
to feel and see

A garden of thoughts and
lanes of the insipid
turbid emotions
lying on these thin
carrying the filth of years
within my heart too deep

No one has tended my thoughts
and looked under
that pile of rummage
what beauty
in growing under that mound
to see
what it hides beneath

Then you came along
with your healing touch
a touch so divine
you picked.. plucked all the weeds
planted lilies and roses to bloom
surely and beautifully
tending it beautifully
with your filigree touch
and transformed
this tangle of weeds
into a bouquet too sweet.


Photo by Thomas Hafeneth on Unsplash

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