Timeless place

Let’s move to a timeless place
where the time stops
but the heart still sways
where the emotions are fleeting
and brimming over and flowing
where the moments stop
and love keeps flowing
where I overcome the fear of losing you
love is not stripped from me anymore
I still keep pieces of my heart
beating as a whole
when the time stand still
and we stay forever young
and the atrocities of life
seems so far-flung
where the eternal tune, the heartbeat
never loses the rhythm
and I see you clearly
my love never remains hidden
where the hands of the clock are 
never apart
just like us
our souls are entwined
into each other
where the mortals can finally lay a claim
to their mortality
can mock the death
get socked in the elixir of immortality
Oh! I wish and dream of such a place
where your heart beats next to mine
and our love always stays sublime.
 Photo by Artsy Vibes on Unsplash

39 thoughts on “Timeless place

  1. We all wish for such a place. Perhaps in whatever realm lies beyond this one, we get to settle in such a place. Great concept!

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