Midas Touch


I was waiting,

waiting eternally for

that Midas touch

a touch so divine

which will turn my pitiful

existence into gold

and will leave me

mesmerized and enamored

a beauty,

gilded and chiseled to the core


I fervently wait for that  divine touch 

but your scathing anger 

incinerate my soul

and stirs me from within

leaving a charred pile

of ashes and cinder

spilling out of its mold


And all that insults

dripping from

your sullen mouth

and ashen heart



manly ego

turned my

ephemeral self

to a bleeding lump of gold.

Photo by Daniel Curran on Unsplash



26 thoughts on “Midas Touch

  1. I guess in this poem I learned….or I guess am reminded that sometimes you expect a relationship to go one way but in the end it the opposite of what you expect, but from such an experience you develop a strength from within like gold. A self awareness, acceptance, and development. I loved it a lot.

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  2. I’d argue that you have the poetic Midas touch, offering truths, insights and material to ponder to readers who are gold-touched by your words. I love this, too!

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