1st place winner at “NAMI NJ Dara Axelrod Expressive Arts 2018 Mental Health Poetry Contest”


Dear blogging family,

I’m feeling elated and top of my world to hear that my poem “My Victory Song” got the 1st place in the “NAMI NJ Dara Axelrod Expressive Arts 2018 Mental Health Poetry Contest” among the 10 shortlisted finalists. The award function will take place on June 09,2018.

I would really like to thank each and every one of you who voted and supported me. This was my first attempt in any poetry competition and I could not believe the results.

Thanks a lot for all your encouragement and support.

Happy blogging!!

Megha Sood






82 thoughts on “1st place winner at “NAMI NJ Dara Axelrod Expressive Arts 2018 Mental Health Poetry Contest”

  1. I can only see such competitions as devaluing towards the purpose and impact of writing about mental health. Save the prizes for poems about flowers and trees, and give all about mental health and the writers’ equal merit for their bravery.

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    1. NAMI is a national level organization which spread the and helps the people with Mental illness by proving them support.Hosting these competition are one of the ways to generate the awareness as all the events are funded by the guest and people attending.Its Stands for National Alournce for Mental illness

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      1. Ah, so at least it is in aid of something good. I’ll likely always be less enthusiastic than most about this kind of thing, but I’m not a fan of pretty much any awards.

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  2. Congrats again, you are amazing Megha and truly a brilliant poet. I’m so glad I can across your blog via Christine. I wanted to ask you something. One thing I try to do each month (or 2-3every 2 months) is a writer blogger interview.

    You can check out Lynn Love’s recent interview on the Go Dog Go Cafe reblogged or in my blog http://www.mandibelle16.wordpress.com. I would love to interview you and learn more about you as a person and a writer as I know many others would too.

    If you’re up for filling out some interview questions, send me an email to mandi_ae@hotmail.com and I can send you the questions. I do tend to change the questions up according to your answers in the final piece.

    Thanks so much & keep Publishing your awesome poetry 🙂

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